Longman English Interactive

Learning Management System (LMS) – Powerful Online Tools

In addition to all its rich content and interactive student exercises, the online version of Longman English Interactive gives you a set of powerful tools for managing your course and tracking student progress. It’s all part of the new online Learning Management System.

Class Management

  • You decide which units you want the students to see, and in which order.
  • You set the passing grade for the course by selecting the score that you require for mastery.
  • You receive alert notices that tell you letting which students are performing below the score – identifying students that might need extra help.


  • Students receive instant feedback on their exercises.
  • Module and Level Tests provide continuing assessment.
  • Students can track their grades in their own gradebook.


  • When you log in, you immediately see how the entire class is progressing.
  • You can go into the Progess Report for more detailed grades, including:
    • progress on individual skills and tests
    • how much time each student is spending on each activity (time on task).

  • And, you get a snapshot of how individual students are doing, with an easy-to-read graph that represents each student’s strengths and weaknesses.


  • You can offer individualized feedback on student writing assignments. You can “mark up” their assignments electronically and give comments. These e-portfolios let you spend your time improving student writing, not worrying about paper or handwriting.
  • To communicate with the entire class, you can send notes that appear in each student’s Study Plan.