Longman English Interactive

Curriculum/Scope and Sequence

Scope and Sequence

Course Features

  • Students develop skills in speaking, listening, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading and writing.
  • Role-plays with video characters engage learners and create realistic dialogue practice.
  • A unique pronunciation feature uses animation to help learners focus on word/sentence stress and intonation patterns.
  • Online writing practice (e-portfolios) allow students to write multiple drafts, with revisions based on the teacher’s feedback.
  • Automated feedback guides students’ skill development.
  • Animated grammar explanations illustrate how grammar works.
  • Culture Notes help learners understand cultural differences and learn new language within a broader social context.
  • Native language support is offered through translation in eight different languages.
  • Each level offers more than 100 hours of instruction, and is available in both American and British English.
  • Online Teacher’s Guide.

Longman English Interactive has a carefully designed core curriculum, with:
Integrated Skills Development

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Grammar
  • Pronunciation
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Vocabulary

Learner Support

  • Individualized Practice and Feedback
  • Automated Error Correction
  • Native Language Support


  • Detailed Progress Reports
  • Unit and Module Achievement Tests
  • End-of-Level Tests
  • E-portfolios

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Level 1: Beginner

Download Level 1 Scope and Sequence (PDF format)

Level 1 is organized into three five-unit modules. Students learn skills necessary to communicate effectively in real-world situations, including how to:

  • Make introductions and exchange important information
  • Describe people, places, and things
  • Relay news, current events, and discuss life experiences
  • Make schedules, plan events, and make travel arrangements
  • Interview effectively

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Level 2: High Beginner

Download Level 2 Scope and Sequence (PDF format)

Level 2 is organized into three five-unit modules. It builds on Level 1 language skills to help learners master important communication strategies. Students engage in interactive activities that present a variety of useful topics, including how to:

  • Talk about work and other routines
  • Give advice and provide recommendations
  • Order items, read directions, use computer hardware and software
  • Discuss travel and culture
  • Talk about personal experiences, health, and lifestyles

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Level 3: Intermediate

Download Level 3 Scope and Sequence (PDF format)

Level 3 is organized into three four-unit modules. Course material is based on an exciting video drama involving an aspiring journalist and a sports star accused of accepting a bribe. Students develop real-world communication strategies, including how to:

  • Make social plans
  • Respond to news
  • Propose an idea
  • Express certainty and uncertainty
  • Ask follow-up questions
  • Ask for and give opinions

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Level 4: High Intermediate

Download Level 4 Scope and Sequence (PDF format)

Level 4 is organized into three four-unit modules. It continues the video drama from Level 3 to help students to perfect their language skills. Learners participate in activities related to everyday life and work situations, including how to:

  • Show skepticism and sarcasm
  • End a conversation
  • Identify problems and suggest solutions
  • Suggest a course of action
  • Talk about intentions
  • Give and accept compliments

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